About the Port


Created in 1988, the Central Louisiana Regional Port has a long history of contributing to the economy and currently is acquiring property in Rapides Parish to accommodate future growth for a variety of tenants that demand great infrastructure and transportation accessibility. The current value of economic value resulting from business at the port exceeds over 2,000 indirect and direct jobs.


The CLRP owns almost 200 acres of property and include advantages like a 40 ton crane for loading, a general cargo dock, a hopper barge unloading dock with conveyer system, 75,000 total sq ft. of dry warehousing, and a 3,400 and 5,000 ton bulk fertilizer dome. Additionally, the port also has a liquid loading facility with connectivity to two 550,000 gallon fuel storage tanks and one 150,000 gallon tank. This facility is capable of handing two barges and five trucks of loading simultaneously.


Traversing 225 miles from its link with the Mississippi River to Shreveport-Bossier, CLRP on the Red River offers convenient, cost-effective access to regional, national and international markets. A consumer base of 30 million people lies within a days drive of the port, and excellent rail, highway and air service complete the areas attractive transportation picture.
CLRP’s river access makes economic sense because the benefits of water transportation is typically one-third the cost of rail and one-fifth the cost of motor freight. Barge transport is not only safe and energy efficient, but also allows for transport of oversized cargo that would be difficult or impossible to move by land or air.

To stay current with trends in the global marketplace and maximize efficiency the Central Louisiana Regional Port will continue to drive the regions economic vitality and provide the highest levels of service, innovation and community accountability for years to come. Our port is a gateway to the world, safely and securely, with a strong commitment to our neighboring communities. We are dedicated to provide efficiency, experience and speed, let us help you benefit from the revolutionary changes taking place here at the Central Louisiana Regional Port – the premier gateway to the Red River.