• Aerial view of an industrial facility near a body of water with a play button overlay inviting viewers to watch a video.
  • Large industrial equipment covered with blue tarps on an elongated trailer, parked in a dirt lot with a red tractor truck attached.
  • Aerial view of the central louisiana regional port facilities with industrial buildings, construction areas, and adjacent waterway.
  • Aerial view of a cityscape with a river running through it, flanked by a highway and interspersed with buildings and green spaces.
  • Tugboat pushing a barge with covered cargo on a muddy river.
  • Aerial view of a winding river with surrounding greenery, featuring the central louisiana regional port logo.
"Red River's Gateway to Economic Development"






Wednesday, June 26, 2024 @ 8:00 a.m.


A consumer base of 30 million people lies within a days drive of the port, and excellent rail, highway and air service complete the areas attractive transportation picture.

The port terminal is among one of the state's leaders in moving hundreds of thousands of tons annually.

Used by US Army and National Guard due to close proximity to Ft. Polk’s JRTC.

First port on the Red River to handle international shipments.